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Relocation Guide

Use These Moving Tips for a Trouble-Free Move to Your New Home
Are you planning to relocate? Well, great idea I must say! But before relocating there are quite a few things that you need to take into consideration in order to simply your journey of relocating. These are as follows-

• Before moving, be sure to buy packing supplies like tape, plastics or wrapping papers.
• Start keeping an eye on the moving expenses
• Clean as well as organize the closets
• Clean all the rooms including the basement and garage
• Donate the items that are not needed
• If you are planning to hire movers be sure to settle with them the services offered and the price charged against these services
• If you are going for self move reserve a truck and as them the price charged
• Be sure to pack your items on a routine basis if you going for a self move
• Call up the utility companies and ask them to check the meter readings. Disconnect the utilities before moving
• Put a stop to the automated delivery of fuel or propane gas unless and until it is extremely essential
• Disconnect your telephone service before moving
• Disconnect the cable TV coverage or satellite coverage
• Inform the post office about the change in advance
• Inform your magazine subscriptions, creditors, doctors, about your new address
• If you are relocating to completely new neighborhood, be sure to return the library books or rented videos and DVDs on time.
• Don’t miss out on any important documents.
• Create a new bank account in your new neighborhood
• Confirm the delivery date and moving date with the movers. If you are self moving, confirm the truck reservation.
• Clean all rooms after you have done with your packing. Don’t miss out on any major appliances. Keep the important tools and vacuum for last minute packing.
• On the final day of your move, double check your house in order to find out whether you have miss out on any items or not.
• Be sure to carry the keys to your new destination
• Keep an eye on the movers while they load and unload the items
• Watch for damaged boxes or damaged items. Make sure that the mover pays you for the damaged or lost items.
• After reaching your new destination, unpack first the important items…relax before to start off with the tiring job of unloading.

There’s lot more than what mentioned here that you need to take into consideration while moving. Set your priority list; be sure to transit your plants and pets in a comfortable way. It is hoped that the aforementioned suggestions will be of your help while you plan your move.

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