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FAQ - How To Pack

Packing the things for the moving can be an extremely daunting task. However, if proper measures are being followed then certainly, the packing and moving process will certainly become much easier. Here are some the common questions which may crop up into your mind, when you are planning for packing and moving.

Q: Will the moving company help me with the packing or do I have to it self?

A: The packing of the materials doesn’t depend on the moving companies always since it will be decided by the customer. Whether he can manage with the packing process or want to give the responsibility to the moving company will be decided by the customer himself. However, most of the customer prefers to give the task of packing to the moving companies as they consider that the professionals can do the job more nicely and in a proper way. Self packing is also preferred by some customers. But some of the customers find it too difficult to manage with the different packing process.

Q: What happens when the moving consultant comes to my house for preparing an estimate?

A: The moving consultant or the representative of the moving company comes to your house for a visual survey of the items and the materials which are to be moved. The person will take a room to room survey and will take into account all the items which are being indicated by the customers for packing and moving. In case of packing the person will see the type of the items and its weight, so that he could make an accurate estimate of the items. The phone survey is generally done for the occasion of the local movers; however, the same process when conducted visually will help to make a more accurate and perfect estimation.

Q: What are the packing materials which I need?

A: There are many things which are required for packing of the materials. Some of the most important materials which are required for packing are boxes, cartoons, plastic tapes, seals, name tags and title tags which would help to identify the articles from the crowed. The packing materials are available from the moving companies or you can also purchases items like tapes, scissors, tags, cello tapes from the any of the stationary shops. In case of the boxes and the cartoons, you can avail them from the different shops from any retails stores for free.

Q: Will I have to get the boxes against any payments?

A: No, actually you can keep a touch with the any of the local stores or retails because they discard the boxes and cartons from their shop when they are not in use. You can avail these boxes from them and they will be happily handing over it you without any payment.

Q: How much time I have to devote for self packing?

A: The time for packing depends on the amount of the materials and the number of items which you need to pack. However, it is better that you must start with self packing before 3-4 weeks of the moving day otherwise things would get confused and there can chances of things to be left out.

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